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In conjunction to be the world class university, Walisongo State Islamic University Semarang, the English Education Department, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, will conduct the 5th English Languistic, Literature, and Education (ELiTE) International Conference. This conference is very crucial concerning that the existence of English as a foreign language (English as a Foreign Language - EFL) is recognized as a powerful tool in equipping students to anticipate the challenges of global competition. EFL makes it easier for school and college students to access global information because English is used almost in all sources of information and technology, as well as labor market and various domains of global communications. However, behind the important position of English, still scattered the wide range of issues at the local, national and global needs which will be studied and discussed in this conference. It is due to the impact in policy as well as on the level of implementation in the classroom. The issues are how bilingual teaching and learning does not disrupt Indonesian language learning or mother tongue. International standards in language teaching emphasize the need for attention to the function of communicative competence in all aspects of life. At the level of the curriculum, we are still faced with the question of whether the potential that exists in each of the educational institutions are able to professionally prepare their own curricula, based on the list of competencies nationally offered. To reach standard of competencies, assessment plays the important role.

The speakers of this International Conference are :
Keynote Speaker :
Prof. Kamarudin Amin, M.A.
(General Director of Islamic Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs of Republic of Indonesia)

Speakers :
-          Prof. Dr. H. Ahmad Thib Raya, M.A. (State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta)
-          Prof. Dr. H. Jamaluddin Darwis (University of Muhammadiyah Semarang)
-          Prof. Dr. H. Ibnu Hadjar, M. Ed. (State Islamic University Walisongo Semarang)
-          Dr. H. Raharjo, M.Ed., St. (State Islamic University Walisongo Semarang)
-          Specialists and Fellows (Regional English Language Office (RELO)
-          Prof. Dr. Dato Anwar Din (Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia)
-          Prof. Dr. Saran Kaur Gill (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
-          Dr. Reza Kafipour (Shiraz University, Iran)
-          Dr. Hj. Like Radkova Octaberlina, M. Ed. (General Chief of ELITE)

Participants :
The number of conference participants expected are 500 people who are from professions such as ElitE members, policy makers, researchers, language course practitioners, classroom teachers, curriculum developers, language materials designers, language teacher supervisors/superintendents, language testing and assessment developers, language program auditors, bilingual program developers, both local and foreign,and undergraduate students.
They will be recruited through (1) director’s magister program forum, (2) subject teachers’ discussions/MGMP, (3) local / city government, (4) headmasters’ discussions / MKKS, (5) email, (6) website, (7) the social media facebook (teacher voices), (8) formal letters, (9) whatsapps, (10) foreign ELT organizations by conferences (CamTESOL, MELTA, ICELT, Asia TEFL), and (11) linguist lists.