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31 Maret 2016

More Morning Waking Order Startup Can Realize Your Dreams

What is your morning routine everyday? I myself used to get up at 7:00 am, showered, dressed, enjoying a cup of coffee, then go to the bus stop along with the other office employees.

This cycle continues and repeated every day. Although want to get out of the routine, it is difficult to build a startup after a tired working eight hours a day. However, if we do not take the time to begin with, we will be trapped in the circle of the corporate world are endless.

Our lives will not be amended. Went to the office before 9:00 am, dealing with a manager who is always suppress, and patiently responded to comments and teasing from peers. For me, it does not sound like a pleasant life.

Start by getting up early

I then decided to get up early, at 5:00 am, and began to "build" my startup before getting ready for work. Initially I thought this is trivial and can run smoothly, until I realized that it was not easy to get up in the morning.

In fact I often prefer to continue sleeping. Although in some occasions I managed to get up in the morning, I just spent time with the filmed.

Many blogs are made as though improving productivity is an easy thing. But when we try, the reality is very difficult. You will find a lot of this kind of writing, for example 8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 AM, 7 Things People Do Differently Morning, and Rev Insanely Productive People Get Up Early.

Sometimes, writing it makes me feel guilty enjoying a long sleep time. The great man in the article already contribute substantially to the world even before 8 o'clock. Are they normal people like me?

In fact, getting up at 5:00 am it was very difficult. We can turn off the alarm without knowing it, when we had an early morning meeting schedule. Or hit the snooze button when we had to catch a train. Seeing this incident, things we can do is to change the way we wake up.

Choose a sophisticated alarm

I'm not the kind of person who likes to be woken up suddenly by the noise. I wake up in the morning with a feeling of surprised it's not fun. I think it would be better if we are looking for an alarm that woke us gradually, so that your mind will first prepare the body to actually wake up.

You can try the coffee machine alarm automatically dispensing coffee and wake you from a deep sleep aroma. In addition, there is also alarm Philips Wake-Up Light will illuminate the face, giving the impression that it is the sun rises.

Alarm annular can also make you wake up in the morning through vibration, so that your partner do not have to come awakened too. Keep a pet like a dog or cat can also be an option to wake up at 5:00 am, given they like to lick and trample on our face to wake up.

In addition to using a conventional alarm, I also use Warmly. This app will give voice melodious birdsong in advance for five minutes, before finally woke me with the sound of the strings of the cello of Yo-Yo Ma.

Try to beat the taste malasmu in the morning with a sophisticated alarm!

Make LDR (long distance relationship) with alarm

Changing habits takes time and the process of course, can not be instant. Build positive habits such as reading, exercising, and socializing, as well as changing bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, and eating fast food definitely need to fight. I would like to quote from the blog posts Evernote before continuing:

If you want to break the habit of turning off the alarm, so make it as difficult as possible. You can put up multiple alarms at once, downloading apps with puzzle alarm, or insert your smartphone into a jar. If you want to get up in the morning, place your alarm in places difficult to reach.

You force yourself to drink a cup of coffee

After successfully waking up, new problems arise. How can we stay awake? It was hard to get up at 5:00 am and resist the temptation to go back to sleep. And anyway, you might think to get up early "tomorrow," do not have to begin from today.

What happened after that? We will regret in the morning to follow the temptation to fall back asleep. So, before it all happens, drink a cup of coffee to keep you awake.

Drink coffee according to your tastes and habits. If you are not used to drink coffee, do not have to force yourself to drink it. Do what you normally do after waking up, because the temptation to go back to sleep will still appear with or without a cup of coffee.

Find a way to integrate the coffee directly into your morning routine. The goal is to create an alarm you become a trigger for a cup of coffee.

If your alarm rings, drink coffee. Try a few different ways that makes you automatically think for a coffee after waking.

Initially I tried to get up in the morning and dispensing coffee in the kitchen, I did not even make it to the kitchen. After that, I tried to prepare a cup of iced coffee at night before I sleep and put it on the table, I still did not manage to get to the table.

In the end, I put the coffee cup on top of my smartphone. So, to turn off the alarm, I had to lift the cup first.

When a coffee cup in hand, why not drink it, do not you? Congratulations, now you've managed to get up at 5:00 am. Make use of it to set up your startup!

Divert yourself to wake up

Still not awake? A little diversion might be useful. As a person who loves surfing the internet, I am probably not the best person to give advice improve productivity.

I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of cute cats on Reddit, Imgur, and 9GAG. Until finally I have seen all the contents and hope there is new content appears.

So, let's look at the positive side. If you see a cute cat pictures on the internet at night can cause us to experience insomnia, then check smartphone or computer in the morning can help us to wake up.

If you can not directly work on the preparation of startup you after you wake up, you can probably wait a few minutes past until you are really ready. Remember, there are two challenges that you must face, got up early and startup preparation installments.

Your startup broke into small sections

When just woken up in the morning, I do not want to directly confront the various problems in the preparation stage of my startup. Your mood in the morning may not be as good as usual. So, do unpleasant things will only provoke you to get back to sleep.

Now I think almost everyone has failed to meet his new year's resolution. One reason may be because we choose something that is too big and hard.

The Art of Manliness makes us realize that the habit of doing something small will lead to something bigger. You can not build a startup in one day. You just have to start it first. Once started, it will be easier to continue.

Your startup broke into several small pieces that can be done the morning before going to the office. For example, if you are a startup product application, every morning you can start writing a line of program code. Write a paragraph-if it is a blog, or create a product design.

It is better to do little by little gradually than spend a lot of time to do many things at once. Remember, not all jobs have to be perfect. Do disciplined and makeit into a new good habit.

Use Lean Startup method

Believe it or not, at first no one actually knows what they finally did. The unicorn startup even though it takes time to find a clear basis. Airbnb able to survive thanks to the sale of cereals political theme, that Obama O's and Cap'n McCain's.

Slack founder, Stewart Butterfield, also initially failed to create a game called Glitch. In fact, YouTube was originally a video dating site Tune in Hook Up.

Start working on your startup with a phased, detailed and focused according to the book The Lean Startup methodology popularized by Eric Ries. Thus, you will be easier to implement ideas and get quick feedback from users.

You already know that 75 percent of the startup in the world have failed. So if you are willing to spend a hundred days working on the product you are covered? What if after you finished products, people do not like it?

Would not it be nice if you interact with others during the process, so that you know exactly what they need and want? Do not you dare take a step wrong.

Do not be too happy with what you've done. You should continue to test your products through a variety of small experiments. When I first started, I call it a Blogging Platform Annotation (annotation platform blog). Then I realized that most people still do not know what annotations.

We've tried a variety of things such as Smart Blogging, Highlight Blogging, Blogs Feedback, and Contextual Blogging Platform. The result? They also do not know anything about it.

So we decided to add the explanation easier to understand, which is "a highlight text and add comments directly on the highlighted text." You should always perform validation on hipotesismu.

Publish your artwork

We all have a fear. Perhaps you feel scared if the work you will be scorned and overthrown by the people after they are published. The reality? No one bothered with it.

In this world there are more than two million works published each day. The biggest challenge that you have to think about now is not the fear that is not proven that, but how do you work this can be published and the scrutiny of the public eye.

If the current course you are still difficult to get up early and work on your startup, you should not be too confusing content beforehand. Begin everything gradually, not to worry excessively raised. It's just like learning to worry too much, as if the impact you will become a professor at Harvard.

If you still have trouble to build your startup, the first solution you need to do is to wake up early and start working on it. It has been proven scientifically and not just based on my experience alone.

You can begin to publish your progress using a simple thing like Twitter. Thomas Frank of College Info Geek using Twitter and Buffer to force him to get up early. He scheduled a tweet that he would donate US $ 25 (about Rp327.000) every morning. So, he had to get up early before the tweet was "on the air."

Believe in yourself. Your work is incredible.

Obsessed with productivity

Try to do as many things with minimum effort. I begin each morning with a journal. If I write only for personal interest, I probably would not have this diligently. Keeping a journal has helped the development of my startup in three things at once.

First, write a journal in the morning helps me to see the progress that has been achieved. How do I interact more with the users? Do I have to switch on the platform WordPress comments to Disqus?

Is Adsense ads still well used in Adblock era? When is the best time to publish a blog? Any job that can be my automation? Am I crazy to start your own business?

Second, write in a journal can help build content for my blog, TechMob. Building a good blog takes some time. You need about a thousand articles to start getting traction from Google organic. Writing a journal every day helped us to build the foundation required content.

Finally, write a journal for public help me promote my blog annotation platform, Krown. TechMob built from Krown and use the system to add a comment per sentence related information. Each article in TechMob will promote Krown through sub domains and call to action at the bottom of the article.

Preparation for work ceaselessly