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31 Maret 2016

Nature Tour of Manado, Indonesia Maldives

When wander or stroll in the city of Manado, you'll want to explore the natural beauty of the famous. Well, among an assortment of natural beauty, there are 9 destinations that most makes you miss even wanted to return to Manado again. What the hell 9 this destination?

1. Pall Coast, destination hits that make you linger here

Formerly the hell is so deserted beach, was so lonely maybe only three or four people who visit this beach. White sand was very soft and clean, with no trace of footprints visitors. However, after some photos circulating on sosmed Pall Beach, this beach suddenly became a Top Hits new tourist destinations for residents of Manado. When the weekend, we often see congestion up to one kilometer to the entrance of Pall Beach.

It is in the village of Marinsow, District Likupang East, North Minahasa Regency, not far from downtown Manado. Not more than two hours, you can reach this beach with private vehicle. Blue water, long shoreline and a variety of games that exist to make visitors linger on this beach. Well if you've been here once, will definitely miss when you can stroll to the beach for the second time with my friends.

2. Turkish Aer Pulisan, because the Manado bilangnya "Aer" - instead of "Air"

Not far from the beach Pall, you can enjoy the natural attractions Pulisan Aer Beach. Manado people say "aer", instead of "water", and somehow its origins this beach called "beach aer". Aer beach is still located in the same district with Pall coast, namely North Minahasa regency. Only, this beach is located in a different village.

Small caves on the beach this is a characteristic that makes it very different from other beaches in Minahasa. Needless out a lot of money, you just pay for a long-tail boat Rp15,000 to get to the cave of Aer Pulisan Beach.

The place is also a favorite destination for Manado citizens or immigrants who want refreshing after so long tired with the work. The waves were calm and the clear sea water, it is suitable for you who like snorkeling or just playing water at this beach. So, do not miss this beach to be recorded in the list tripmu if you're visiting or wander in Manado.

3. Niagara Tekaan telu, like rafting-raft upstream swim to the shore

Harder Where the heck, climbing a mountain or a walk to a waterfall? Maybe for some people, it is more difficult to climb the mountain from the waterfall. But briefly, jajal Niagara Tinoor first before absolutely sure that the roads to the waterfall is easy.

Niagara Tinoor, or often referred to as Niagara Tekaan telu, pick a track that is very difficult to conquer. In addition because the terrain is teetering on the edge, contour slippery rocks and soil erosive make a special experience that will not be forgotten when you finally get there. It is quite close to the city of Manado, which is in the village of Tinoor, Tomohon district. Not more than an hour you came to the entrance of this waterfall.

Road early risers indeed be somewhat maintained. But after passing through the jungle, you will feel the sensation wild and difficult terrain that will make you more and more challenged to quickly get to it.

4. Soputan, a mountain of a million people for the people of Minahasa

You simply pengin camping set up small tents, streets relieve fatigue, or sing accompanied by guitars in the wild? Just go to Soputan. Spacious camping area with gently sloping terrain is suitable for you novice climbers who want to experience the adventure first to climb the mountain. High mountain mdl 1784 is located in the district of Kawangkoan. From the city of Manado may take two hours by road.

There are unique things done by the climbers Minahasa, namely "nggembel" or in Indonesian language dictionary free ride at the last village before heading ascent. This active volcano has two peaks namely Puncak Puncak Soputan Soputan I and II. Generally, the climbers reach the summit I could just as Peak II has a vertical terrain, slippery and dangerous. Having reached the peak I, you can pose with your friends or write words for someone and then uploaded on sosmed.

5. Mount Threshold, the only mountain that has a "neck camel"

Talking about mountain in North Sulawesi's not enough to just get Soputan. In District Boltim (Boolang Mongondow East) there is a mountain that had a camel's neck, the Mount Threshold. The volcano is still has the same characteristics as Soputan, namely mild and gentle terrain. Although this mountain is a mountain of dead, the fumes coming out of the crater of Mount Threshold enough to sting. Mountains with an altitude of 1,795 mdl is located not far from Lake Moat, so you're going to get to see the lake from the top of the mountain Moat.

Extensive plantation residents along a hiking trail, trekking makes you more beautiful and not boring because you're going to meet with farmers who were harvesting his crop for sale at the market. Something interesting from this mountain is the natural contours of the neck in the form of a camel that extends above the crater sulfur. Green hills and white color sulfur soil is suitable for being the object of photography for you that hunting hobby.

6. Lihaga island, deserted islands that make you not want to go home

Indonesia is a country with thousands of small islands. Well, for you who were in Manado, do not miss this one little island its name Lihaga Island. Tanjung Serei in North Minahasa is the dock of the most recommended for you who pengin ngetrip to this island except for the place broad selection of passenger ships leased by fishermen are also provided quite a lot so you are free to choose whichever you want.

Passenger boat trip to the island of Tanjung Serei Lihaga takes about 30 minutes, with a rental fee of 700-800 thousand. Arriving on this island, you're going to be greeted by a monument built of wood by saying "Welcome to the island Lihaga, reshuffle Dotu Kuada".

Simply by paying 25,000 per person, you can enjoy all the natural beauty of this island with satisfaction. Starting from a stretch of soft white sand, crystal clear sea water or just sitting under the shady trees at a time when the sun.

Skin has started to burn, the body is tired and hungry, you're still playing around the water on the island. Well, this island is very suitable for you who wanted to calm down from the bustle of the city of Manado.

7. Mount Lokon, though can not reach the top I'm still proud to be mendakimu!

This mountain status of mid-2015 was never passed on from standby become wary that mean you are not allowed to climb this mountain. Warnings in the form of a skull red banners "No to climb crater Lokon" is less likely to be noticed by the climbers. Many climbers who remain desperate to climb to the crater of the mountain.

To climb the highest mountain in Tomohon is indeed not required physically strong, because the track is quite short and not so steep. The challenge is lavas form of large rocks quite slippery and steep. Mount also has no water source, so the nature of kesetiakawananmu will be tested when there are friends who run out of drinking water.

8. Nain Island, sand Bungin charm arises like the Maldives

Have you ever go to Maldives? Wah perhaps too much so for a walk to get there. But enough to Minahasa Utara Wori District precisely in Kampung Nain, you're going to enjoy the thrill of nature like in the Maldives. Nain Kampung Bajo people call it "sand Bungin raised" the phenomenon of receding tides maximum when full moon or dark moon.

White sand that will arise to the surface when the tide is very beautiful, well worth making this point is referred to as "Maldives of its Indonesia". Budget rental boats to this island is quite expensive: 2.5 million for vessels measuring 30 to 40 passengers. There are two access ports to get there, the port Bersehati Market and Port Wori Manado in North Minahasa.

Reflux Bungin peak is usually around 11:00 s.d 14:00 pm so, you must sunbathe new first to enjoy the beauty of this island. For you were afraid of the heat, it is advisable to use sunblock and a hat because there is no place to take shelter from the sun.

9. Lake of Love, from one end of the country's border beloved Indonesiaku

It's not just humans who have a heart, the earth has. Heart Lake is located at the north end of the border of Indonesia and the Philippines, namely in Sitaro Islands regency, North Sulawesi. Here, there is a small island called Pulau Makalehi - inhabited by about 100 people Sangihe tribe citizens.

Access to this island of Manado is still difficult, there are only fast boat service that will take you from Manado harbor to the Port Ulu Siau. After that you have to hire a boat for access to the island Makalehi. As a sign of Homeland border, on the island was built a monument called "Monument of Sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia".

For those of you who are hobby explore foreign places, Makalehi Island might be the right choice. In addition to the access challenging, viscosity customs Makalehi residents are still very strong. Before you trekking the hill to photograph the Lake of Love, you are going to be delivered by the citizens Makalehi towards a cave containing the skulls. It is said that the skulls can spend one cigarette very quickly.

Wow, who would have thought? Apparently on the northern tip of Indonesia's border stored cultural diversity and natural charm Heart Lake unparalleled.

Taken from Hipwee By Qobul Pamuji